The Church at Koloa is now offering Chaplaincy Services with Chaplain Jodie.

This service is available by appointment only. Appointments are available Monday through Friday from 12:00pm to 7pm. Hospital and home visits are possible. To schedule an appoint, please use the contact form below or call either the Church: (808) 742-9956 or the Chaplain’s Corner: (425) 221-1604.

Sessions are 30 & 50 minutes via in-person at the Church, phone or Zoom. The cost is a suggested “Good Will Offering” $50 per 50 minute session. Please make checks payable to “The Church at Koloa” and annotate in the memo area “Chaplain Services.” This is an important part of our record keeping & helps us understand the need for such services. Mahalo!

Chaplain Jodie

Aloha I’m Chaplain Jodie

As a Chaplain, I strive for excellence and support a team of colleagues; special men and women intent on ministering God’s unfailing love to a hurting world. I profess Christ as my personal Savior.  I am a Christian Chaplain Commissioned by the Seattle Veteran’s Administration, through the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE) who values The Bible as a God breathed Document that outlines a plan, purpose and solution for every human circumstance; in every season of life. I believe everyone faces life challenges that can overwhelm. And that God provides a pragmatic as well as encouraging solution for our challenges. No one. No one, is exempt from God’s love. It is my privilege to come alongside those facing challenges and prayerfully listen, contemplate, study, and access hope, healing, and help found within the pages of our Bible. I often share community resources, other resources but all work must first be filtered through Biblical Truth.

I earned a Ministry Leadership and Theological Studies Degree through Northwest University, WA.; which allows me a vocational ministry within churches and para-church organizations. My teaching include Biblical Studies, Theology, and Practical Ministry as well as knowledge and skills to lead a broad range of ministries & qualifies me educationally for Assemblies of God ministerial credentials.

I have been a Christian for 35 years and have been an advocate for children with chronic illness and special health care needs for over 20 years. I started two non-profit organizations; two Ministries called “Equal Concern” in Minnesota and am an avid public speaker sharing my story with various non-profit organizations, health care agencies and churches. I even spoke at a Congressional hearing for patient safety.

I am able to:

  • Apply basic biblical and theological knowledge with the practice of ministry and daily life;
  • Develop leadership, organizational, and administrative skills involved in fulfilling the divine call and function of pastoral ministry.
  • Develop basic preaching/teaching skills necessary for ministerial service.
  • Compose a philosophy of ministry that encompasses God, the church, family, self-understanding, a servant’s heart and meaningful relationships with others within a variety of cultures.


To positively affect people’s lives by elevating connections to the things we call sacred. We do this through experiential education and spiritual care.


  • Diversity and inclusion – demonstrated through cultural humility, attentiveness and collegiality.
  • Integrity – demonstrated through trust, respect and excellence.
  • Curiosity – demonstrated through listening, experiential models, innovation and creativity.
  • Process – demonstrated through action/reflection, listening, experiential and relational models.
  • Service – demonstrated through compassion, authenticity and growth.
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Chaplains enter the lives of suffering people during times of serious emotional, physical, and spiritual crisis. Chaplains are trained to work with people of all walks of faith, religions, and matters of the spirit. We meet people where they are at. We help develop life care plans for the dying. We offer Spiritual direction respecting every persons personal faith, religion and belief systems.

We care and stand beside those who are suffering, offering prayer, encouragement, and spiritual direction. Often, our ministry includes the entire family. As such, Chaplains have to be, and are more than just well-meaning volunteers.

Chaplains are trained in:

  • Chaplaincy Leadership and Ministry
  • Skills Principles of Spiritual and Pastoral Care
  • Crisis and Trauma Care
  • Professional Chaplain Competencies
  • Pastoral Education
  • Resilient Leadership
  • Principles of Self-Care
  • Moral Injury and Soul Care
  • Suicide Prevention and Postvention
  • Ethical Advisement and Moral Leadership
  • The Constitution, Religious Freedom
  • Chaplaincy: Faith, Institution, and Diplomacy

Chaplains seek to empower individuals to find their intended identity by helping those to understand what is it to be fully human.

Chaplains Minister within the spirituality of the person they serve.

Where do Chaplains work/serve?

Chaplains serve in the Church, military, hospice care, hospitals, corrections, fire, police, crisis response, suicide prevention, university and nursing homes.

Chaplains are NOT: Licensed mental health counsellors. But we work along side many of our friends in the mental health care industry. And we will make recommendations for such professionals if we are asked. We are not physicians for the body. But we do work alongside medical staff to support spiritual concerns that often arise when the body has endured trauma. We are the only personnel (In the before-mentioned services) trained to deal with matters of the human spirit and faith.

Why Choose a Chaplain?

When you choose to work with a Chaplain over other kinds of mentors, coaches, or therapists, you are seeking a person who is accountable; not just to an institution but to the very God who created you and me. The voices of our culture will tell you to do what makes you happy, and to have what you deserve. A Chaplain will direct you though the process of understanding what you know and mirror it against what is Truth. We guide individuals with integrity.

God knows our culture. Your Father who created you adores you, and created you for this time, for a purpose, and to fulfill your destiny. While He gave us the wonderful and difficult gift of “Free Will” so the journey is entirely yours to do as you will, we cannot, thrive without knowing the plans He has for us without understanding His will first.

The life God has planned for you is filled with great joy love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. To cultivate these gifts means knowing the heart of a God. It is hard for many of us to have a relationship with God because He has been so poorly represented in our culture. A Chaplain will guide you towards Truth, Healing, Enlightenment, Revelation and Power and Freedom using sound teaching from the Book that was created as a love letter and life guide to free all humans from the bondage of self!

Misconceptions About Chaplains

One of the biggest misconceptions about Chaplains is that they advocate for a specific religion or denomination. That is not true at all. They help individuals focus on whatever gives them meaning, support and strength, whether that includes religion or not.

If religion is an important part of your life, they will talk about that. If it’s not, you can still visit with a Chaplain. They take care of people of any faith tradition or value system.

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