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Please tell us how we can pray for you. Do not include any personal or confidential information. Once you submit your prayer request it will be sent to Pastor Kilborn directly and may take a few days for him to get to everyone so please be patient. If you would like others to be able to see your request and offer words of encouragement, please select "Yes" below. If you would like Pastor kilborn to respond directly back to you, please enter your email address. Otherwise, it can be left blank. Your email address will not be publicly displayed.


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To protect my family and friends from evil, covid, and be prepared for the after life and be right with christ. 🙏🏽


Aloha pastor ,, I’m in a battle with some cancer. I know it’s in gods hands, my faith and love of Jesus and believe in god will get me threw this, I live in Ohio and when we visit Kaua’i we always come to your church. Been visiting since 1982, and lived there for a short while. Last visit was 3/years ago. With this virus now I hope to visit again soon when travel allows it. Thank you for the online sermon, been watching them all thank you, and that aloha spirit you bring just heals me. Mahalo mahalo pastor Kilborn. Lio


After brain surgery 6 months ago my energy is at 25% and my joints hurt. I pray for health and joint recovery.


It is my prayer that this will help those that have something weighing on their hearts or have things going on in their lives that need the strength of prayer. Please submit your prayer requests and Pastor Kilborn will send the prayer warriors on their mission for you! Blessings to everyone!


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