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From the Pastor’s Desk 3-6-2020

This coming Sunday in our two morning worship services, I’ll be bringing forth a two part message on “Temptation.” This Sunday, Part 1: Temptations: Where Do They Come From?
Pastor Harold J. Harold Kilborn

The last few weeks, we talked about trials and how they affect our lives and the value of trials, and we saw that God has a purpose in trials. God doesn’t send trials to make us fall; He uses them as tools to bring us up. We saw the value of trials is to produce patience or endurance, which is hanging tough, when the going gets rough. It’s sticking to our commitment. The word “Temptation,” in verse 13, means a solicitation to evil; that’s what the devil does; God doesn’t do it.

At any rate, we will be looking at James 1:12-15 for the next two weeks, as we are going through this book, verse by verse, at: The Church at Koloa this Sunday morning, in their two morning worship services at: 8:30 and 10:30 a.m.
For more info, you can call the church at: 808-652-1787.

This message will be aired live on our church Facebook as well as right here on our website…The Church at Koloa at 9 a.m.

The Koloa Church - The Christian and Temptations - Pastor Harold Kilborn