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From The Pastor’s Desk 5-18-20

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Are Demons Real Entities?

As a Christian Pastor, I don’t zero in, or talk a lot of demons. I would rather focus on Jesus, but demons are definitely real spiritual entities, with intellect, will, and emotions. There are a lot of people, who do not believe in demons or the devil, and they are nothing more, but a figment of your imagination. If that’s true, and demons are not real, then who is Jesus talking to in Matthew 4:10, when he said:” Away from me, Satan! For it is written:” Worship the Lord your God, and serve him only.” Also, in Luke 4:36, Jesus said: “Be quiet!” Jesus said sternly, “Come out of him!” Then the demon threw the man down before them all and came out without injuring him. These two scriptures should solidify it for you that the demons are real spiritual entities.

At any rate, Satan and demons are real. They are incorporeal, without bodily form or without physicality. They cannot take on physical form.

In my walk with the Lord for almost 44 years, I have heard from time to time, how some have communicated to me, that they have actually seen a demon. My response would be, demons cannot take on physicality or bodily form; they are spirits, without the ability to materialize in a physical form whenever they chose. They don’t have creative powers. If you believe that they have the ability to take on physicality, then the burden of proof rest on you. You need to come up with a chapter and verse. This is not biblically theology at all. Remember, your mind can make you think you saw a demon. Also, those who have died cannot come back and appear to you in a bodily form. I have met those who have communicated to me, that they had such an experience of a loved one or friend appearing to them physically after they died. This is not possible, because the scripture says: “It is appointed for man once to die, then the judgment”. That judgment has to do with where you are spend eternity. Listen, your mind is a battlefield and you may think that you have seen a departed loved one of friend, but it’s all in the mind or maybe you ate too much pizza the night before.

Listen, only the good angels, that didn’t rebel with Satan against God, are able to materialize at God’s command, and not on there own. Yes, the Bible is peppered with men and women who have seen the good angels at God’s command, but they are incorporeal beings, that cannot decide on their own to take on physicality.

Now demons can influence and control Christians, but they cannot possess believers, only unbelievers, because we are the temple of God and He will not share it with another alien force. We have been sealed by the Holy Spirit, which means, we are owned by God. We are God’s possession. God does not share his possession with anyone else. But demons can possess unbelievers that open themselves up the demonic world.

In the New Testament, when Jesus was on earth, there was a rise of demonic activity; that’s where it took place. A few of Lord’s disciples in the early part of his ministry, was given the power by Jesus to cast out demons, as a sign, they were truly apostles, to prove their authenticity of their apostleship. The New Testament wasn’t written at this time.

It’s also interesting, in Acts 16, we find Paul casting a demon out of a girl, and from the latter part of the book of Acts, and through out all of the epistles in the New Testament, there is not one mention of exorcism. Paul never taught people to exorcise demons; there is no example of it and it’s not a spiritual gift.

Sometimes Christians mislabel people as demon possessed, because of how they act and carry on in strange and bizarre ways, when sometimes; it’s nothing more than a psychological problem that needs to be treated by medication.

I have read many books of ‘Spiritual Warfare.” Let me recommend two of the best books that you can order from Amazon. They are well-worth reading, as it will give you the best theological education on this subject. It will dispel any confusion and clear up any misunderstanding on the subject.

“Over Run by Demons,” by Dr. Tom Ice and Dr. Robert Dean
“Truth or Territory,” Pastor Jim Osman