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From The Pastor’s Desk 6-15-2020

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The Family Altar Will Alter Your Family

By Pastor Harold Kilborn

The University of Rhode Island did a study on the family years ago and they declared, “The most dangerous place to live, outside of a war zone or a riot zone, is the American home”. They found that 20% of all the policemen that are killed on duty is a result of trying to settle domestic violence. They found that sixteen million American wives are battered each year in the home. They found that two million couples use lethal weapons on each other in a given year, and so the study begins, “The most dangerous place to be, outside of a war zone or a riot zone, is the American home”. There’s violence in the home; there’s sadness in the home; there’s turmoil in the home.

We are living in an hour where Satan has leveled his artillery against the home. He wants to destroy your home. He wants to destroy your family; your marriage. There is an all-out attack against the home, and we are allowing Satan to have his way in our homes in our country.

What we need in our homes is the presence of Jesus. We need the presence of the Lord. The only thing that will alter the family is a return to the family altar, where the parents will take the time to gather their family members for a devotional time in studying the scriptures and praying together. It doesn’t have to be long and dragged out. In our fast-paced world, it’s not always easy to find the time, but it’s very needed; it’s essential to cut out time, regardless of how old or young your children might be. It’s the key to a good family life.

We made sure that our devotional time was a high priority in our home with our kids, and it has paid off. We can’t slack in this area of family life. I am so happy my children grew up where the family altar was at the center of our family. It should be a very important component with your family, especially with children that are young. You need to inject them as they are growing up with the things of God.

Let me encourage every household to be committed in this way. And let me say to you, husband, that you are the leader of your home, and God has called you to take the lead in this area of your family, not your wife. You need to have the commitment of Joshua, who said: “As for me and my family, we will serve the Lord”. Listen to what I am saying; the family altar will alter your family.

How is your home? The ‘home’ is the family that lives in the house. You can have a beautiful house and a home that is all messed up because the presence of Jesus is not there. Maybe He’s at the door knocking to get in, but you would rather live your life apart from God who wants to come and change your home, your family life. He’s knocking at your door! Can’t you hear him?

Either you build you home on the rocks, or you are liable to find it on the rocks. The choice is yours, and it starts at the altar. “On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand.”