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From The Pastor’s Desk – 5-20-20

Aloha From The Pastor’s Desk


“When Jesus Went to Church”, is the title of my message this Sunday, May 24th., at 8:30 & 10:30 a.m.

It’s been a long two months, and so many days, not to assemble as believers, and many have said to me, “How they missed not attending church.” I don’t think people really realize how important it is, for Christians to come together, until they are banned from gathering together. How many Christians take for granted the freedom that we have to come together; and you always have Christians, who are not faithful to commit themselves to attend church at least once a week. They are the hit and miss Christians; This is a problem in every church, sad, but true.There are other things that are a lot more important, than attending and assembling yourself with other believers once a week. This coming Sunday, we will see, how it was the custom of Jesus to go to church on a weekly basis. He indeed has set the example for us. And let me say, parents, you need to set the example to your children as well. They need to see how important church attendance is. I hear you louder by what you do, than what you say. We need to put actions to our words.
You need to come out and let the Lord speak to you; I know He will.