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From The Pastors Desk 7-6-2020

Aloha From The Pastor’s Desk

“The Infinite Became Finite,” John 1:14-18

Pastor Kilborn will be live streaming on our Facebook page Wednesday, July 8th at 7pm. The topical message will be The Gospel of Eternity. Pastor Kilborn will continue his exposition in the Gospel of John. We’ve already learned in the opening thirteen verses that the one, true, eternal God became human. That the infinite One became finite, that the eternal One entered time, that the omnipresent One became confined in the space of a human body, that the invisible One became visible. The true church of Jesus Christ has always believed that. It has always proclaimed that. It has always demanded that. Any other view of Christ is unacceptable – it is a damning heresy. This is the only view of Christ by which someone can escape hell and enter heaven. This is the reason John makes such a case out of the deity of Jesus Christ.